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Co-Creation Session

Last week we conducted two co-creation sessions, one in Taiwan and one in the Netherlands with Zorgcentrale Noord (ZCN)

At National Cheng Kung University, we had a pleasant and fruitful co-creation session of the HAAL dashboard. Three experienced care professionals provided their valuable input on the dashboard pages. One suggestion that we take onward in the design process is that a list of patients can be displayed based on their locations, which can help caregivers understand patients’ behavior.

For the session conducted by Vilans, the researchers visited the department of ZCN in Beilen. At ZCN, we were given an interesting tour showing us some relevant insights into the services offered by ZCN. The participants visualized their ideas on the ideal HAAL dashboard during the co-creation. From the sketches we learned among other, that participants from ZCN were interested in two separated interfaces, one for notifications and alarms and one for more advanced analysis for long-term analysis and prevention.


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