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Publications and deliverables


Morresi N., Koowattanataworn P., Amabili G., Lin C., Hsu H., Bevilacqua R., Nap  H.H., Revel, G. M.,  Casaccia S., (2022). Machine learning algorithms for the activity monitoring of elders by home sensor network. 2022 IEEE Medical Measurement and application

Koowattanataworn P. (2021). Empowering People with Dementia: Co-design
Series and Central Platform Development in the Integration of Care Technologies
(Unpublished master's dissertation). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.


Work package 1

D1.1 Management handbook, risk management (M3, R, CO, T1.1)

D1.2 Risk management plan – D1.1 (M3/M12/M24, R, CO, T1.1)

D1.3 Ethical and legal manual (M6, R, RE, T1.2)

D1.4 First annual report (M9, R, RE, T1.3)

D1.5 Second annual report (M24, R, RE, T1.3)

D1.6 Final report (M30, R, RE, T1.3)

D1.7 Responsible Innovation Report

Work package 2

D2.1 User involvement plan (M3, R, PU, T2.1)

D2.2 Ethics/gender and data protection (M5, R, PU, T2.1) 

D2.3 Users’ requirements report (M6, R, PU, T2.2) 

D2.4 HAAL design document and mock-up (M12, R, RE, T2.3)

D2.5 Functional and non-functional (12, M25, M28, R, RE, T2.3)

D2.6 HAAL list of AAL services and technologies per country (M12, R, PU, T2.3)

D2.7 Mock-up evaluation report (M12, R, PU, T2.4)

Work package 3

D3.1 Technical and integration report (M6, M15, R, RE, T3.1)

D3.2 Services development and system integration (M15, P, RE, T3.2)

D3.3 HAAL eco-system (M12, M21, M30 P, RE, T3.3)

D3.4 User manuals (M16, P, RE, T3.4)

Work package 4

D4.1 Evaluation protocols (M16, M21, R, PU, T4.1)

D4.2 HAAL usability report (M18, R, PU, T4.2)

D4.3 Alpha pilot test report (M23, R, PU, T4.3)

D4.4 Beta pilot test report (M30, R, PU, T4.4)

Work package 5

D5.1 Project presentation and project leaflet (M1, R, PU, T5.2)

D5.2 Dissemination plan (M4, R, PU, T5.1)

D5.3 Website of the project and social networks accounts (M6, website, PU, T5.2)

D5.4 Draft business plan/business model/exploitation plan (M15, R, CO, T5.4)

D5.5 Dissemination report (M30, R, PU, T5.3)

D5.6 Final business plan/business model/exploitation plan (M30, R, CO, T5.4)

D5.7 IPR deliverable

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