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🌟 Highlighting the Impact of Science and Research at the European Researchers' Night 🌍

The European Researchers' Night is a remarkable event that brings the wonders of science to the forefront, showcasing its influence on our everyday lives in captivating and inspiring ways. 🧪🔬

On Friday, 29th September 2023, this event took place simultaneously in 26 countries, uniting people in their curiosity for science and discovery. 🌐🌙

This unique occasion has a noble mission - to bridge the gap between research and the public, shining a spotlight on exceptional research projects not only in Europe but also across the globe. It aims to nurture the interests of our young generation in the field of science and research careers, all while underlining the tangible impact of researchers' work on our daily lives. 🌱🎓

Year after year, the European Researchers' Night attracts over 1 million attendees from Europe and beyond, emphasizing its significance on a global scale. 🌍🌎

We are delighted to share that during the Ancona event, organized by the Università Politecnica delle Marche, the HAAL project gained substantial visibility. Engineer Federico Barbarossa from IRCCS INRCA - Istituto Nazionale Ricovero e Cura Anziani, who presented the project, had the opportunity to showcase the wonders of Artificial Intelligence to a wide audience through Radio Arancia, a radio station with thousands of daily listeners. 🎙️💡

The European Researchers' Night is an inspiring reminder of how science is not just a subject confined to laboratories but a living, breathing force that shapes our world. Kudos to all the researchers and institutions involved in making this event a tremendous success! 👏

Photos by Michele Bigi


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