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First results of sub-project of HAAL

As a sub-project of HAAL, Compaan integrated Medido and Tinybots Tessa in their platform to offer 'care via screen'. Last week Livio and Compaan shared promising results. Up till now, 1000 moments of care at Livio were conducted via the Compaan. On average, 24 moments of care per Sunday have been replaced by digital care thanks to the integration of the three technologies.

During the recent #usability tests of the HAAL dashboard, the Compaan dashboard used at Livio was also evaluated in the session with care professionals from Livio. In the upcoming weeks, we will analyze these results and compare them to the HAAL dashboard. Hence, this sub-project of Compaan and Livio is a valuable addition to the HAAL project since we are able to test a version of the dashboard on a smaller scale.


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